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The Things I’m Looking Forward Too

Posted on: July 12, 2010

With my move inching closer there are a few specific things I’m looking forward too. While I have been to London quite a few times, each visit has been as a ‘tourist’. My London itinerary hasn’t evolved over the years. It has remained constant to shopping and seeing extended relatives. As a result, I never really have experienced all London has to offer. I do know my way around the city, but just because I can navigate my way to Mango on Oxford Street doesn’t mean I know London.

I will be in school full-time, but at least I can discover the city for myself without having to choose between seeing a show or having dinner with cousins out in Broxbourne. In order to keep track of all things I have in mind I started a list. Here are a few of the items off my ever-growing list in no particular order.

  • Sister Act, the musical First of all, Sister Act 1 and 2 are two of my all time favorite movies and I love musicals. With those details alone, you can probably imagine how thrilled I was to learn to that Sister Act was coming to the stage. Whoopi Goldberg opened Sister Act in London and will soon bring the production stateside. But now that I will be moving to London I don’t have to wait till it comes to New York. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Whoopi will star in the production as Mother Superior for 3 weeks in August! Which means, if all goes according to plan (and I get my student visa on time), I’m not only seeing Sister Act I get to see Whoppi perform!!

  • Wagamama’s Despite having locations all over the world, the US included, there isn’t a Wagamama’s in New York. Crazy, right? For my noodle fix I would often visit Republic in Union Sq. I am really excited about living in city with a Wagamama’s around the corner versus a flight away. It gives me peace to know that when a noodle craving hits I can just hop on the tube and order myself a serving of Salmon Teriyaki Soba. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

  • Kew Gardens or Royal Botanic Gardens, whatever the name I am dying to go. I have a thing for English gardens and plus Rick Steves told me it was a must see, so that settles it. I think my love for gardens maybe born out of the slight obsession my 4th grade class had with novel the Secret Garden. I’m not sure where it came from but visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens sounds like a relaxing to spend a Saturday. The first time I go I’ll have to hop on the Kew Explorer and get a tour so I can learn my way around. It’s nerdy I know, but the place is massive.

  • Afternoon Tea at The Milestone Hotel Doesn’t that room look amazing? I enjoy having tea but I want to go just so I can sit and enjoy the decor! It’s a bit expensive so it won’t be a regular thing, more like a ‘Thank God, finals are over let’s go for some tea’ type thing. I have an outfit in mind already and it involves a black pencil skirt and black peep toe heels. Audrey would approve.

If there anything major I’m forgetting, do tell. I like hidden gems so fill me in on your London favorites.


5 Responses to "The Things I’m Looking Forward Too"

LOOOOVE Wagamamas! They opened one in Boston right after I moved :-/ I totally don’t understand why we don’t have one in NYC. Also, Rick Steves is the best, isn’t he? I used his guides on my trips to London too. It’s gonna be so different for you being a resident vs. tourist. I’m excited for you!

smh… already planning your tea outfit, so Seyi of you 😉

I am super jealous you get to see Sister Act, the musical. I have seen that movie over 200 times and I love it!! grrr… why cant you just take me with you, I promise I will be good!

This is a NEAT list, you’re so cultured! Make sure you go see the QUEEN!

.. and because Google answers most on my life questions here are 101 things you must do:

Those are certainly some exciting activities that you have planned! Can’t wait to read about your upcoming adventures.

I’m looking for train tickets right now to come see Sister Act!

Yay! Let’s go together.

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