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A Summer Sans New York

Posted on: August 16, 2010

I’m not too sure if I have shared with you the details of my ongoing relationship with New York. We have this never ending love affair. The last seven years of my life have been about me and New York, whether its me moving too, living in or leaving for some reason.

The thing is I have only lived in two cities, my hometown and New York. We have a history together and I broke it off, again, last year. I’ve left the City before, but this time was different. I knew I wouldn’t be back for a while. I told myself it would be okay, that we’d hook up in the future. But week long trysts don’t make up for seasons shared.

When I left, I had no idea that sweeping views of the City during a movie montage would make my heart ache. I knew I loved New York, but I was completely unaware that I had fallen in love. In love, you ask? Yes, it’s corny but true.

I could drink in that view for hours.

Love is all about the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve ridden the roller coaster. I know all about hardships of moving, the difficulties of settling down, and the loneliness of being a working girl. I’m quite familiar with brutal winter snow storms, overcrowded trains, and streets that reek of urine. I adjusted to city rats, smoky sewers, and a crack head named “Roach” who roamed my block.

You see, in the midst of all that I became stronger and a little wiser. I became the woman am I now. It’s hard to ‘be’ when you no longer live in the city that taught you how. But I left because I had to move on in order to grow in other ways.

This summer I spent tilling the ground. Fulfilling your dreams requires hard work and sacrifice and I was busy doing just that. Despite my desire for a New York quickie, I went without because I had a goal in mind and a savings account that required my devotion.

So to New York, as much as I love you I gotta love you from afar. I miss you and from what I’ve been told, you miss me too.


2 Responses to "A Summer Sans New York"

Girrllll …. Love this. Simple. To the point. But so true. *sigh* … 🙂

Miss you chica.

*sigh* is right. you and me both dear! but New York will always be there for us and let me promise you, our days of paying that town are not over yet! 😉 see you on this side of the pond soon!

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