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Little Things

Posted on: August 26, 2010

By moving to London I’m doing a bit more than heading off to school. I’m also officially getting of this roller coaster ride I’ve dubbed “My transition”. It’s been 20 long months and in that time I went from being laid off to prepping and retaking GMATs, applying to schools and finally becoming an enrolled graduate student.

To be quite honest, while this process took much longer than expected I’ve enjoyed my time off. If this was a preview of what retirement will be like, then I am in for a blast. A slow quiet life wasn’t something I thought I could adjust to let alone appreciate, but I did.

One of my big life lessons during this time home was to stop fighting so hard and just be. Life doesn’t unravel the way you expect it to and so what? Who says you can’t enjoy yourself despite the circumstance? You have to adjust your perspective and learn to appreciate the little things.

That said, I didn’t come to this revelation overnight. Watching the months, then a year and a few more months go by was heart wrenching for me as an overachiever. But the pressure I felt coming from the clock was self inflicted.

Instead of wasting my time frustrated that I wasn’t at certain place in my life I made the choice to find happiness with whatever life stage I was in. I wasn’t denying the fact that I missed living on my own or meeting my Harlem friends for brunch but I wouldn’t allow myself to brood over it. See the difference?

Finding happiness with the way things are presently in my life meant becoming acutely aware of the little things that made me smile and feel warm on the inside. I used tell myself strange things like, “I will be so happy when [fill in the blank].” Why postpone happiness, especially when it can be found now?

For instance, one afternoon I was standing over the breakfast table intently icing a cake when my brother’s dog curls up on my feet. I have grown to love that dog and here he was loving me back. I was so content that I didn’t want to move. It was one of the sweetest moments of my time home. Who knew such a simple action could make me so happy?

As it turns out, those little things are exactly what I’m going to be missing when I move. From the coral and purple Florida sunsets to the mouthwatering smell of fried chicken as you walk up the Publix parking lot, I’m gonna have a hard time adjusting to life without them.


6 Responses to "Little Things"

Like you said, “little things”will help you make the difference between being happy and successful or sad and unsuccessful.
When one moves one needs to take those little thinks that make you remember your old place and the pleasures you had there.
Good luck in England

Wow, thank you for sharing, this spoke to the situation we’ve been through over the last year and a half. I believe you are absolutely headed where you should be. Enjoy the journey and never stop appreciating the little things even when you are back in the groove or fast lane. You go girl!

I appreciate your vote of confidence. I’m touched that this post spoke to you.

FRIED CHICKEN!?! You’re soooooooo southern!! Let’s keep it strictly Rotisserie! I’m glad I read this today, it perfect for my current state of mind! interesting song choice, you know me… I like something with goon-ish beat, but this is aIght!

Cheers to your new adventure!

Keep ya pimp hand strong! One Love! ❤

Cheers to your new adventure!

did the comment go thru?

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