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Brain Curd

Posted on: January 10, 2011

It’s been a long weekend, semester, whatever you wanna call it but I’m beat. I had three exams last week. Each exam was three hours long. And get this, I RAN OUT OF TIME on the last one!

I could have used another hour to complete the essay I was writing for International Accounting. I say all this because I’m exhausted. But it’s not over just yet. I have 3 more exams to go and even if I have to crawl to the finish line I will get there.

I was so drained on Friday after the last exam I had trouble formulating a sentence. With deadlines looming there’s no time for rest and relaxation, so pretty much everyone in the program spent the weekend at school. Security had to kick us out both nights at 11pm! I never would have imagined I would ever wish for more time on a exam or better yet hope a security guard would be lenient and not close the school on time but I do.

The interesting thing about exams is that it’s another opportunity for me to learn the little ways things differ here in the UK. For instance, my professors didn’t give final review sessions for the exams. Instead, they gave “final revisions”. My classmates would ask me “Have you revised the material for Global Management?” I would just think “Revised? Like what improved it? Umm, no.” I quickly figured out that their ‘revised’ is my ‘review’.

This image alone causes me to break out in a cold sweat.

My personal favorite is “Have you written your exams yet?” Say what? Write exams?! British English is vastly different from American. I should just stop claiming I speak English and just say I speak American.

It’s perfectly normal to ask someone “When do you write your exams?” as in “When do you take your test?” Even though I understand exactly what is meant, I still twitch when I hear “write exams” because it seems so wrong to me.

I really did write my exams. There’s no scan-tron bubbling in for me over here. No multiple choice, no ‘if not these three it must be the last’. Darn!

It was all about the essays. I wrote so much last week I had to do hand stretches during the exam. I am not kidding.

My brain is completely fried but a classmate taught me a new term that I kinda like. Dimag ka Dahi! It’s Punjabi for my brain has turned to curd. Ahh brain curd, such a pleasant thought. I think I will end on it. LOL


2 Responses to "Brain Curd"

glad you made it through! just reading about all that exam taking makes my head hurt 😎

WRITE!!! I love reading about your adventures and you have amazing style

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