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Since you asked…

Posted on: June 6, 2011

More like begged and pleaded with me to write a post for my oh-so neglected blog, I have returned. Honestly, I had no idea what I was thinking when I thought that I would blog my experience in Business school. Especially considering that my program was two years condensed into one.

I barely had time to call my mother every day, which was a huge adjustment because no matter where I live I would speak to my mother on a daily basis. There were days where I considered it an accomplishment to shower, get dressed, eat and arrive to school on time I was so consumed with school. And then there were other days, where I couldn’t remember if I brushed my teeth or took my vitamins. But don’t you worry; I never left the house without makeup. Unfortunately, writing posts was something I wanted to do but struggled finding the time to do so.

Real quick let me say a few things
• No, my accent has not changed. In fact, I believe I sound more American than ever. But I will admit to shift in the way I phrase things or express myself. For instance, I use words like ‘keen’ or say ‘well, now that is sorted’ rather than ‘well, now that is straightened out’ or ‘brilliant’ instead of ‘great’. The shift has been a subconscious thing. I just hear myself saying these phrases and I’m like ‘Really, since when do I say bin liners instead of trash bags?’ (Since the day you realized, no one knew what the heck you were talking about!)

• Crème Fraiche and Halloumi are two things I must have in my diet for the rest of my life. I’m obessed. Crème Fraiche is so divine. The best way to describe is a whipped cream cheese without the salt but with a yogurt consistency. I like to put it on a toasted multi-grain bagel with sea salt and black pepper. But if I’m feeling extra special I add smoked salmon and slices of ripe avocado. (Just writing this is making my mouth water.) Not even sure where to begin with Halloumi but I went through a Feta phase after studying abroad in Greece. But I broke up with Feta for Gorgonzola. Presently, it is all about Halloumi. Even though Halloumi is a Greek cheese I can’t recall ever having this when I was there. It’s best served grilled and I love it on just about anything. Anyways, enough about food I don’t even know why I am talking about dairy. I’m lactose intolerant!

• Yes, the other side of the road deal still trips me up. I almost got hit by a black cab months ago. Looked the wrong way while crossing the street and next thing you know I’ve black cab inches away from me. I think the driver was more terrified than I was. Totally, the grace of God spared me that day.

Before I let you go, I’ll tell you one quick story. You know how sometimes you observe things without realizing your taking notes until you find yourself doing the same thing? Let me explain. I noticed that people (Europeans) eat Pizza with a fork and knife. Not that there aren’t Pizza slices but on average I would say with confidence that Pizza is consumed with a fork and knife. So I too started eating Pizza with a fork and knife. But it’s not just Pizza.

While back I was enjoying a delicious toasted Croissant sandwich of egg, cheese and sun dried tomatoes. I was eating it the way a delicious toasted Croissant sandwich should be eaten: with my hands. My companion on the other hand used a fork and knife. I was so confused.

Can a Croissant be as tasty without feeling the flakes? Aren’t you supposed to make a mess? I never got the memo to use a fork and knife. Have I been living under a rock? What does Emily Post have to say about this?

I made a mental note, filed it under “Complete Craziness” and moved on. Then yesterday this fork and knife business manifested itself. I ate Chicken Wings with a fork and knife! CHICKEN WINGS People!!! Who the heck does that? I mean honestly. Chicken Wings are classified as finger food right there with Carrot Sticks and Nachos! Somebody, please check my temperature I think I’m losing it.

No Silverware Required

Strangely, I didn’t notice at first. I was so busy with conversation until I noticed everyone at the table getting down with their food. Some foods are better enjoyed when eaten with your hands. I have no idea what I was thinking when it came to the Chicken Wings last night. Needless to say I didn’t continue using them. It does make me wonder what other habits I’ve picked up subconsciously.


4 Responses to "Since you asked…"

finallllyyyyyyyyy!! 🙂 Glad you put down the fork and knife! Do you cut the american or british way? *switching the knife/fork* I think eating pizza with a fork is BRILLIANT!

oh and do you say “cheers” all the time now?

Yaaay! So happy for the update. I’ve been thinking about you. Glad all is well! Praying for you =)

i love what i saw here. May God help you to get there- your dreams.

Seyi, I enjoyed reading this and I wanted to let you know. However, I’m puzzled with your fascination with cheese combined with your saying you’re lactose intolerant. LOL!! Are you really??

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